Combine text from two or more cells into one cell

You can combine or merge text from two or more cells into one cell. For example, if you have one cell in your worksheet with a person’s first name and one cell with their last name, you can combine the first and last names together in a new cell.

Combine text from cell A2 and B2

  1. Click the cell where you want to put the combined text.

  2. Type =(

  3. Click the cell that contains the first text you want to combine, such as a person’s first name.

  4. Type &” “& (a space enclosed in quotation marks).

  5. Click the next cell with the text that you want to combine, such as the person’s last name.

Tip:  To combine the text in more than two cells, continue selecting cells, and typing &” “& after each cell you select. If you don’t want to add a space between the combined text, type & instead of &” “&. To add a comma, type &”, “& (a comma followed by a space, both enclosed in quotation marks).

  1. Type ) and then press Enter.

  2. To combine text in other rows, drag the bottom right corner of the cell with combined text down.

Drag the right corner down to combine more cells

You can also combine two or more columns by using the CONCATENATE function.

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