Collaboration compatibility issues

The Compatibility Checker found one or more collaboration-related compatibility issues.

Important: Issues that cause a minor loss of fidelity might or might not have to be resolved before you continue saving the workbook — data or functionality is not lost, but the workbook might not look or work exactly the same way when you open it in an earlier version of Excel.

For more information about the Compatibility Checker, see Use Office Excel 2010 with earlier versions of Excel.

Issues that cause a minor loss of fidelity



This workbook will be read-only and shared workbook features will not be available when someone opens it in an earlier version of Excel by using a file converter. To allow users to continue using the workbook as a shared workbook in earlier versions of Excel, you must save it in the file format of the earlier versions.

What it means    You cannot share a shared workbook in Excel 2010 file format with people who use Excel 97-2003.

What to do    To continue sharing a shared workbook with people who use Excel 97-2003 and to ensure that all shared workbook features are available in the earlier versions, you should save the shared workbook to the Excel 97-2003 file format, and then work with that workbook in Compatibility Mode.

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