Choose or create a data source (Database Wizard)

Lists all available Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-compliant data sources (DSNs). DSNs contain information about where the database is stored and which driver to use, and they have unique names so you can find them easily for later use.

Data source list

Select a data source from the list.

Browse for file DSN

If you have a data source stored somewhere other than the default location click Browse for file DSN to locate the file.

Create data source

To make a new data source, click Create data source. Follow the Create New Data Source wizard. After you click Finish, the ODBC Setup dialog box appears. From there you can either select an existing database or create a new one. You will make the table in the database later.


  • If you're using Excel as a data source, you can select an existing workbook, but you can't create one from the wizard.

  • If you choose an Excel workbook, be sure to uncheck the Read only check box in the Select Workbook dialog box.

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