Chess Tool

The Chess Game tool provides a chess board and pieces for playing whatever style of chess you and a partner agree upon. You move pieces simply by dragging them to another square. Captured pieces get placed off the captor's side of the board. As with a real chess board, the Chess Game lets you make any move, even illegal moves.

To start a new game, resetting all pieces, click the Home tab and then click New.

To undo or redo a move, click the Home tab and then click Undo or Redo.

To swivel the chess board left or right 90 degrees, click the View tab, and then click Rotate Left or Rotate Right.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press or click


ESCAPE, while dragging a piece

Return the piece to its original position. This is useful if you want to take back your move but you are not sure which position it started from.


Undo or redo a move.


Reset the chess board for a new game.

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