Changing views in a 2007 custom Forms tool

A 2007 custom Forms tool might contain two types of views: Views that allow you to see the current collection of items in different ways, and views that allow you to see the content of individual items in different ways. The first type of view is called a data view; the second type of view is called a form view.

Changing data views

Data views in most custom tools appear as tables of rows and columns, with each row representing one item, and each column referencing data fields in each item. A data view might also show only the content of a single, selected item.

On the Home tab, click Arrange, and then click the view (or item) you want. You can also click the Current View drop-down list in the status bar, and then click the view (or item) you want.

Changing form views

When you change the form view in a custom tool, all items you subsequently select will use the currently selected form view. To change a form view:

  1. Select an item in the data view.

  2. On the View tab, click the drop-down arrow under Form View, and then click the form view you want.

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