Change options for viewing a scorecard

You can configure view options in a scorecard that change the way that PerformancePoint Monitoring Server displays the scorecard to users.

To change the view options for a scorecard, take the following steps in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer:

  1. In the Workspace Browser, click Scorecards.

  2. On the Server or Workspace tab, double-click the scorecard that you want to change.

  3. Click the Editor tab in the workspace, and then select any column or cell.

  4. Click the Edit tab. In the Scorecard Editor section, click View Options.

  5. In the View Options dialog box, select or clear each view option.

      See descriptions of View Options

    The following table shows the available options for viewing a scorecard.

    View option


    Indicate empty cells

    Controls what to display in empty cells. For example, you can display 0 or NA.

    Indicate cell errors

    Controls what to display when an error occurs in a cell.

    Allow comments

    Shows or hides comments for data cells in the scorecard. This check box must be selected if you want to add comments to a data cell by using the Comments section on the Edit tab.

    Allow show details

    Enables or disables a Show Details shortcut menu for data values from SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) that appear in a scorecard. This enables a user to display SSAS transaction-level detail for the scorecard data value.

    Note: This option has no effect for data values from other data sources.

    Show Actuals and Targets headers

    Shows or hides the column headers for Actual and Target values.

    Show row expansion (+/-) options

    Shows or hides the expand and collapse buttons in the scorecard. The buttons enable the scorecard user to expand or collapse the rows in the scorecard.

    Show gridlines

    Shows or hides the table gridlines in the scorecard.

    Display full text in tooltips

    Shows or hides all the text in the ToolTips.

    Enable text wrap in tooltips

    Enables or disables text wrapping in the ToolTips text.

  6. Click OK.

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