Change how email is displayed in or Outlook on the web

Change the appearance of the message list and reading pane in Outlook on the web. Choose how you want emails displayed in the message list, such as whether you want emails displayed as individual messages or as conversations.

Note: To turn off Conversation view, see How do I turn off Conversation view?.

If you’re using Outlook on the web on a mobile device, you’ll see a different set of options than you do when you use Outlook on the web on a desktop or laptop.

Important: If you’re on a mobile device, for the best experience we recommend that you install the latest Microsoft app for your device: Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android.

Display settings for mail

Use display settings to control the appearance of the message list, reading pane, and layout of conversations in the message list.

  1. Sign in to Outlook on the web. For help, see Sign in to Outlook on the web.

  2. Select the App launcher Office 365 app launcher icon , and then select Mail.

  3. Select Settings Settings icon > Display settings.

    • Message list

      Message list settings

      • Layout - Choose if you want email messages to appear in the list with either the sender or the subject on top of the message.

      • Preview text - Choose if you want the first line of the email to appear by default in the message list. This option does not apply when you select Hide reading pane in the Reading pane section of Display settings. See the Reading pane description later in this topic.

    • Conversations

      Conversation settings

      • Show items in this order - If you are viewing emails in Conversation view, choose if you want new messages or older ones to appear at the top of each conversation. A conversation is all email responses associated with an original email.

      • When items have been deleted - In Conversation view, choose if you want deleted messages to be hidden in the conversation or shown with a strikethrough.

    • Reading pane

      Reading pane settings

    • Choose how the reading pane is displayed, or if you want it hidden.

    • Select the Apply to all folders check box to apply the reading pane setting to all of your mail folders.

How do I turn off Conversation view?

Choose to view your emails as individual messages or as multiple emails within a conversation or email thread.

  1. Look for and select All .

  2. Under View as, select Messages or Conversations.

    All drop-down

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