Change a price on a customer credit memo

When you add a line item to a customer credit memo, its price is filled in, based on the customer and the item. When you change one of the price fields, Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 recalculates the others.


Office Accounting 2008 recalculates

Unit Price

Line Total, Total


Line Total, Total

Line Total

If Line Total is higher: Unit Price (Line Total/Quantity), Total
If Line Total is lower: Discount, Total

  1. On the Customers menu, point to Customer Lists, and then click Invoices.

  2. Double-click a customer credit memo.

  3. On the toolbar, click Edit.

  4. In the line for the item, enter the new amount in the appropriate column:

    • Unit Price

    • Line Total

  5. On the toolbar, click Save and Close.

Note: Any forms created or copied from this customer credit memo use the new price.

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