Can’t find an invitation to share Office 365 Home

If the person you invited to share your Office 365 Home subscription didn’t get the invitation, try the following:

  • Confirm that you sent the invitation to the person’s preferred email address.

  • Ask them to check their junk mail folder for a message with “Office 365” in the subject, or sent from "My Office Account" (

If they can’t find the invitation, you can send it again.

If the person you shared your subscription with can't remember their Microsoft Account or password, see What if my password doesn't work or I still can’t sign in?

If the person you shared your subscription with already accepted the invitation and just wants to install Office on another device, they don’t need another invitation to do that. Have them go to their My Office Account page to get the installation link.

Send an invitation again

  1. On your My Office Account page, choose Share Office 365.

    Screen shot of the "Share Office 365" section of the My Account page before the subscription has been shared with anyone.

    Note: You can only share your subscription if you have an Office 365 Home subscription. If you don't see Share Office 365 on your My Office Account page, then you don't have an Office 365 Home subscription. Learn how to switch to a different Office 365 for home subscription.

  2. In the Share your subscription benefits section, find the person listed as Pending and choose Manage.

    Screen shot of the "Share your subscription benefits" section of the Share Office 365 page that shows a shared user as Pending.

    Note: If you see the person's name, but don't see Pending or the Manage link, then that person has already accepted your invitation. If you want to stop sharing your subscription with that person, you can remove them.

  3. In the dialog box, do one of the following:

    • To send the invitation again, choose Email > Resend Invitation.

    • To add someone in your Microsoft Family, choose Share with your Microsoft family, select one or more members, then choose Add selected people. Learn more about Microsoft Family

    • To send the invitation via Facebook, choose Facebook > Send invitation via Facebook.

    • To get a link that you can copy and paste into a message using the email account you prefer, choose Get a link > View link.

    Screenshot of the dialog box for a pending invitation with options to send the link again via email, Microsoft Family, Facebook, or custom link, and a link to revoke the invitation.

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