Assignment example: Assigning a literal value in Planning Business Modeler

The following example shows an assignment rule that assigns a literal value to cells in the destination scope. This assignment example rule consists of a SCOPE expression that is followed by a single statement. The rule assigns a literal value 1 to all cells in the defined scope.

// Scope expression
// Account dimension specifies the Taxes members
// BusinessProcess dimension specifies INPUT
// Only INPUT, MANADJ, and ALLOC are writable
// Currency dimension specifies US dollars
// This value must match the default currency of the Entity dimension
[Currency].[All Members].[USD]
// Entity dimension specifies operations at a single resort, Tahoe
[Entity].[ResortOps].[Resort - Tahoe]
// Scenario dimension indicates a budget operation
[Scenario].[All Members].[Budget]
// Time dimension indicates January 2001,
[Time].[Monthly].[Month 1 Year 2001],
// Product dimension indicates ski tuning
[Product].[ResortProducts].[Ski Tuning]
// Statement that makes the actual assignment
// THIS function refers to the intersection of dimensions
THIS = 1;

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