Assign people to tasks in a project tasks list

With your tasks added to a project tasks list, the next step is to assign them to people in your organization. When you assign a person to a task, you identify who is responsible for completing the work on that task.

  1. Click once in the Assigned To column for the task you are assigning.

  2. Enter the name or login information of the person you are assigning, in one of these three ways:

    • Click Browse, which appears next to the Assigned To column, to search for the person you’re assigning in your organization’s address book.

    • Type the login information for the person you’re assigning from your organization, including the domain, in the Assigned To column. For example, type contoso\mollyc, where “contoso” is the domain, and “mollyc” is the username.

    • Type the name of the person you’re assigning in the Assigned To column. This is helpful if you’re assigning a contractor or another individual who does not have an account within your organization.

  3. Notify the assigned individuals about their task assignments, letting them know about the project tasks list, and about the work they’re now responsible for.

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