Apply a customer credit to an invoice

If a customer has a credit, you can apply it to an invoice.

Note: Be sure to apply all customer credits to invoices before you apply a late payment charge, because a late payment charge is calculated for all open invoices.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Customers.

  2. Under Start a Task, click Receive Payment.

  3. In the Received from field, select the customer.

  4. The unpaid or partially paid invoices that are due for payment appear on the Customer Payment form. Select the check box next to each invoice to be paid.

  5. A button appears in the product line. To open the Apply Credits and Payments dialog box, click Applied Credits in that product line.

  6. Follow the instructions in the dialog box. If the credit is greater than the invoice amount, change the amount in the Amount to Use column.

  7. To close the Apply Credits and Payments dialog box and apply the credit, click Adjust.

    Note:  If you are only applying a credit and are not receiving a payment, reduce the amount in the Payment field on the Customer Payment form to zero, so the remaining balance is not recorded as a payment.

  8. To close the invoice, click Save and Close on the toolbar.

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