Apply PayPal Payments to invoices

After you download the PayPal payment history file from the PayPal Web site, you can import the file into Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 and apply payments to invoices.

  1. On the PayPal Payments menu, click Import Payments.

  2. On the welcome page of the Import PayPal Payments wizard, click Next.

  3. On the PayPal Payment File page, type the name of the file or click Browse to locate the PayPal payment file you want to import, and then click Next.

  4. On the Apply Payments to Invoices page, enter a write-off amount for each item listed.

    Note: Each of the items listed has a corresponding outstanding invoice in Office Accounting 2009.

  5. Click Next and follow the directions to complete the wizard.

For information about managing non-invoiced payments, see the Help topic Match non-invoiced payments to the correct payee.

Note: Office Accounting 2009 supports the following PayPal payment types only:

  • Web Accept Payment Received

  • Payment Received

  • eCheck Received

  • Subscription Payment Received

If you receive a message stating that payments were skipped because of invalid data, it may indicate that you are trying to import an unsupported payment type. You can find information about transaction payment types in the CSV file that you downloaded from the PayPal Web site.

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