Animate a word on a slide in PowerPoint for Mac 2011

You can animate a word on a slide to emphasize a point. Most animation effects apply to all text on the slide. If you want to animate a single word, you have to add a shape with text, and then animate the shape separately. You can apply Shimmer, Wave, or any other emphasis effect to text within a shape, text box, or text placeholder. In the following example, we will change the color of the word "WOW" during the presentation to emphasize a point.

Step 1: Add a shape with text

  1. On the Home tab, under Insert, click Shape, point to Rectangles, and then select a rectangle.

    Home tab, Insert group

  2. In your presentation, drag the pointer to create a rectangle, and then type the word WOW in the rectangle.

Step 2: Format the text

  1. On the slide, select the text.

  2. On the Home tab, under Font, apply any formatting that you want. For example, click the arrow next to Font Color  Font Color button , and then click a dark color, such as black.

Step 3: Format the shape

Shapes have a fill and line color associated with them. To make the word "WOW" resemble other text, you have to delete the fill and line color.

  1. Click the shape's border, and then click the Format tab.

    A blue border appears around the shape. The shape should look similar to the following illustration.

    Selected shape with text

  2. Under Shape Styles, click Fill, and then click No Fill.

    Format tab, Shape Styles group

  3. Under Shape Styles, click Line, and then click No Line.

    The shape should now have no fill and no line, and should look similar to the following illustration.

    Selected Shape with text and new format

Step 4: Animate the text

  1. On the slide, select the text.

  2. On the Animations tab, under Emphasis Effects, click Font Color.

    Animations tab, Emphasis Effects group

  3. Under Animation Options, click Reorder, and then under Effect Options, on the Property pop-up menu, click the color that you want to use.

    Animations tab, Animation Options group

  4. To preview all animation effects on the slide, on the Animations tab, under Preview, click Play.

    Animations tab, Preview group


    • Each animation effect is represented on the slide by a number  Animation number  next to the object, which indicates the order that it will play in.  If two animation effects are set to play at the same time, they are represented by a numbered stack  Animation numbered stack .

    • You can change other animation options, such as the speed or how the animation starts. For more information, see Change animation order, speed, or how it starts.

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