Adjust Stock Quantity and Value form: options and information

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

On the Adjust Stock Quantity and Value form, you can change the quantity or value of stock items so that the stock that is recorded in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 matches the latest physical stock count. When this form is saved, the new quantity is multiplied by the stock product cost and assigned to the account that you enter in the Adjustment account field.

If you have changed the value, the new value is multiplied by the stock product quantity and assigned to the account you select. For example, you might change the value of a stock item if it is no longer in season.

Note: Adjustments to stock are usually posted to Cost of Sales because such adjustments are a normal cost for businesses that carry stock for sale.

Open the form

To open the Adjust Stock Quantity and Value form, point to Adjust Stock on the Suppliers menu and then click Adjust Quantity and Value.

Form options

The form contains the following options.




Displays the current date. To change the date, click the Date arrow to open the calendar.


Displays a unique identifier for the document. The number is based on incremental sequencing from the previous form of the same type. You can enter a different number.

Adjustment account

(Required.) Click the Adjustment account arrow to select the account you use to track adjustments to stock. If you are entering a shortage or loss, an expense account is the usual choice. If you notice more quantity than shown by the stock product record, you might want to adjust the book value of the stock product in line with the actual physical quantity. You might want to increase the total value to match the actual physical quantity available by multiplying the unit cost by the actual quantity and book the difference to an income account, or contrarily, book the difference to an expense account. To create a new account, click Add a new Financial Account.


This field is available if you chose to track your expenses by department in the Preferences dialog box. Click the Dept. arrow to select a department , or click Add a new Department.

Stock products

The stock record appears by the stock product name and description. On each product line item where there is a difference between a physical count and the books, or a price valuation change has occurred, enter the new amount in the New Qty. or New Value field.

Product Name

Shows the name of the stock product.


Shows the description that was entered on the Stock form.

Current Qty.

Shows the current quantity of the stock product.

New Qty.

Shows the new quantity of the stock product.

Current Value

Shows the current value of each product line item.

New Value

Shows the new value, which can result from the new quantities entered or from entering a new value in the field.

Product Code

Shows the number associated with the stock product. This field is visible if you selected to track product codes in the Preferences dialog box.


Enter any comments about the adjustment.

Additional tasks

You can perform the following tasks by using the Actions menu.

Actions menu




Click Void to reverse a stock quantity adjustment.

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