Adding additional domains to Office 365

When you want to add additional domains to Office 365, the domains wizard in the Office 365 admin center makes it easy.

You can see the steps the wizard will guide you through in this article. Or just go to the wizard to be guided through the process. 

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Add an additional domain using the domains wizard

Step 1: Verify your domain in Office 365

The first step is to verify to Office 365 that you own the domain. Otherwise, anyone could use any domain name they wanted to, including yours!

Start the wizard to be guided through the steps.

  1. Choose Settings, then Domains in the Office 365 Admin center. (Be sure to sign in to Office 365 first.)

    Click Setup then Domains in the left navigation pane
  2. In the domains section, click Add domain to start the wizard.

    Click "Add domain" in the domains wizard
  3. Add the domain you want to use, and click Next.

    Enter a domain you own and click "Next"

  4. Follow the steps in the wizard to add the record that verifies to Office 365 that you own the domain. You can also follow the link to step-by-step instructions for your registrar if you get stuck. Click Verify to continue.

    Follow the step-by-step instructions and click "Verify"

Step 2: Set up Office 365 services with your domain

The next step is to set up your Office 365 services, including switching email for your domain to Office 365. To finish, you have to update some records at your DNS host or domain registrar.

When you're done, email for your domain will start coming to Office 365 and your other Office 365 services, like Skype for Business Online, will also be set up.

  • Set up my online services for me. (Recommended) Change your domain's nameserver (NS) records at your domain registrar to point to Office 365 nameservers. A good option unlessyou already have a website that you're using with your domain.

    The domains wizard typically detects your registrar and gives you a link to step-by-step instructions for updating your NS records at the registrar website. Or you canfollow these general steps for changing NS records. After you change the NS record, Office 365 will automatically set up email and other services for you.

    Changing your NS record moves your domain's DNS hosting to Office 365 (not recommended if you have a website with your domain, like

    Select "Set up my online services for me" and click "Next"


  • I'll manage my own DNS records. With this option, you'll go to your DNS host website and set up the records yourself, including the MX record for email. The domains wizard typically detects your DNS host and gives you a link to step-by-step instructions for updating records at their website, including screenshots and the exact values to add. Or you can follow these general steps for updating records for Office 365.

After your records are updated, click Finish to close the wizard.

Before you switch your email to Office 365

The domains wizard walks you through each step for setting up email and other services in Office 365, but it's helpful to know a few things before you switch your email.

  • Be aware that setting up records for your domain for Office 365 means that you (and anyone else who uses your domain) will be using Office 365 for business email on your domain going forward, as well as meetings and document sharing.

  • Are you just looking for the DNS record values to add for your domain, like the MX record? See this list of links to step-by-step instructions at many domain registrars, if you're updating the records yourself. On that page, click the link for your domain registrar, and you'll go to step-by-step directions for adding all the required records, including the MX record for email. If you want to change your domain's nameservers so Office 365 will manage your domain's DNS, see the links in this topic instead.

  • It's best to set up email on your domain off-hours, especially if you're also migrating email from another provider. The wizard makes adding a domain as seamless as possible, but completing all the steps can take a while.

    How long? That depends on where your domain is registered and other things. If your domain is at GoDaddy, then domain setup will take just a few minutes! (Migrating existing email messages will take longer.) If your domain is at a different DNS host, the setup time will depend on how quickly the changes you make get updated across the Internet. So unless you have a GoDaddy domain, plan on an hour or so.

  • Make sure that other people in your organization know ahead of time that you're making this change and that they should check for their email in Office 365 after you finish this setup. If they already receive email on your domain at another email provider, let them know if you're migrating their old email for them, or tell them the steps to migrate it themselves.

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