Adding a new tool to a workspace

If your workspace role has Add Tool permission, you can add new tools to a Groove workspace. The tools available for adding to a workspace depend on the workspace version. Some tools are only available in 2010 workspaces and other tools are only available in 2007 workspaces.

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Adding a standard tool

Browsing for other tools

About tool versions

Adding a standard tool

You can add a variety of standard productivity tools. Content in these tools is synchronized among workspace members.

On the Workspace tab, click Add and then click the tool you want.

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Browsing for other tools

You can browse for additional tools that may be available in your local Tool Templates folder, or on a network share.

  1. On the Workspace tab, click Add and then click Browse for Tools...

  2. Select the tool template you want and then click Open.

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About tool versions

Some tools can be added only to workspaces that were created using the current version of SharePoint Workspace. If you try to add one of these tools to a workspace created in an earlier version (such as Groove 2007), a message displays telling you that the workspace cannot support the tool you are trying to add. You have the following choices:

  • Upgrade the workspace by incrementing the version requirement for adding new tools to a workspace.

  • Ask a member of the workspace who has not yet upgraded to the current version to add the tool.

Upgrading the version requirement for adding new tools to a workspace

If you upgrade the version requirement for adding new tools to a workspace, all members will need to have the selected version of SharePoint Workspace in order to see content in new tools added to the workspace. If you are unsure about whether all members can upgrade SharePoint Workspace at this time, do not change this setting.

  1. In the Launchbar, right-click the workspace and then click Properties.

  2. On the General tab, select the version you want from the drop-down menu under When adding tools, use those released with Groove version.

  3. Click OK.

About asking another workspace member to add tools from earlier versions of Groove

If you want to add an earlier version of a tool, and avoid upgrading the workspace, you can ask a workspace member who has not yet upgraded to the current version of SharePoint Workspace to add the tool for you. Consider making this request especially in cases where you know that one or more workspace members are unable to upgrade at this time.

It is best if the member you select for the request is running the software version that corresponds to the current version of the workspace. For example, if the version requirement for adding new tools (as set in workspace properties) is currently set to 2007, select a workspace member who is currently running Groove 2007. You can see which version a Groove member is currently running by opening their contact properties: right-click the member and then click Properties. Look for the current version for the member on the General tab of the Contact dialog box.

To make the request, send a message to the member.

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Applies To: SharePoint Workspace 2010

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