Add text to connectors

The easiest way to add text to a connector is to double-click any connector to create a text entry box. Then just type in the text that you want.

Tip:  Use the same method to add text to just about any object in a Visio drawing, including shapes, containers, frames and callouts. Double-click the object and a text entry box appears.

Change the font, size or color

Select the text that you want to change, or double-click the text entry box to select all of the text. On the floating text toolbar, make the changes you want. If the floating toolbar does not appear, right-click the selected text.

Edit text

When you’re finished changing the font, press Esc or click elsewhere in the drawing.

Move a connector’s text

To move a connector’s text, click the connector—this creates a yellow moving handle in the text. Drag the moving handle to move the text anywhere on the drawing.

Move connector text

No matter where you put the text, it is still “attached” to the connector—if the connector is moved or deleted, the text follows it.

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