Add symbols, equations, or horizontal lines to a message

When you’re typing an email message, you’re not limited to just the letters, numbers, and a few symbols on your keyboard. Whether you need a special symbol, a line to separate sections, or you want to enter complex equations, they can all be added to your message.

Symbols group on the ribbon


You can insert a symbol that doesn’t appear on your keyboard, like ¼ or ©, this way:

  1. Click in the message where you want the symbol to appear.

  2. Click Insert > Symbol.

  3. Click the symbol you want.

  4. If the symbol you want isn’t included in the frequently used symbols, click More Symbols.

You’ll find special characters, like an em dash (—) or ellipsis (…) on the Special Characters tab.


“2+2” doesn’t always cut it, especially when you need a more complex equation like:

Equation example

But fear not, you can enter almost any equation with the built-in equation tool in Outlook.

  1. Click in the message where you want the equation to appear.

  2. Click Insert > Equation.

Horizontal lines

To visually break apart sections of your message, consider using a horizontal line.

  1. Click in the message where you want the line to appear.

  2. Click Insert > Horizontal Line.

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