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One of the main advantages of a Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 notebook over a traditional paper notebook is the ability to create space wherever you need it — even in the middle of an existing page.

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Add space anywhere on a page

Add space at the end of a page

Add space anywhere on a page

  1. In your notes, click where you want to insert extra writing or drawing space (for example, at the end of a paragraph).

  2. On the Insert menu, click Extra Writing Space Button image .

  3. Drag the mouse pointer vertically in the direction indicated by the arrow to add as much space as you want, and then release the mouse button.
    Click and drag to make more space on the page.

Button image Drag to add space at the edges of the page or between lines of text.

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Add space at the end of a page

  • On the current page, click the Scroll Down by Half Page Button image button at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar (if visible).

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