Add reminders to a task

Reminders can help when you have a lot of flagged items and it’s easy to miss one that’s more important. A reminder pops up and demands attention—just like the alerts you see for a meeting or appointment that’s about to start.

  1. In Tasks, right-click a task, and then click Add Reminder.

Add Reminder command on the right-click menu of a flag in Tasks

If the task is already open in its own window, click Task > Follow Up > Add Reminder.

Add Reminder command on the ribbon

  1. In the Custom dialog box, it’s a good idea to change the default Flag to text to a clear action so that when the reminder pop-up appears, the required action is obvious. For example, you could type Send Anne an answer to the permit question.

Custom dialog box for setting reminders, start, and due dates

  1. The Reminder box is already checked, so enter the date and time when you want the reminder pop up to appear.

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