Add or edit a header or footer in Word Online

When you want something to appear at the top (or bottom) of every page, add a header (or footer) or edit an existing one:

  1. Click Edit Document > Edit in Word Online if you haven’t already opened your document for editing.

    Edit in Word Online

  2. Click Insert > Header & Footer.

    Header & Footer button

  3. In the white areas that appear at the top and bottom of the document area, type the text you want to appear in the header and footer or edit existing text in the header and footer.

    Header and footer area

  4. To resume editing your document, click the gray document area. Note that you won’t see your header or footer while editing.

  5. To see what you document will look like with your changes, click View > Reading View.

    Reading View button

Tip:  For added flair, add an image to your header or footer.

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