Add a live web page to a slide

When you insert a live web page in a presentation by using the Web Viewer app, it appears in your presentation the same way it would if you opened it in a browser. It is not a picture of the web page, but the page itself inside your presentation. If you click a link on the page, you will navigate to the new destination, displayed inside the frame of the slide.

For your protection, only secure web pages that are accessed by using the HTTPS protocol (rather than HTTP) can be inserted into a presentation.

Add a live web page to a slide

You're inserting a live web page, not a picture of a page. So you must be connected to the internet when you present the slide to others, or the web page won't show up on your slide.

  1. Go to the slide where you want to embed a web page.

  2. On the Insert tab of the toolbar ribbon, select Store.

    Use the Store button on the Insert tab of the Office ribbon to install Office add-ins

    The Office Add-ins dialog box appears.

  3. In the Office Add-ins dialog box , in the Search box, type web viewer and then press Enter.

    The Web Viewer add-in appears in the results list.

  4. Click the Add button for Web Viewer to insert the viewer on your slide.

  5. On your slide, under Please enter the URL below, select the sample link in the box to the right of https://, and type or paste the link of the web page you want to insert.

    Important    Don't include https:// in what you type or paste in that box. The web viewer already accounts for that part of the web-page address.

    Example: In the box, type, not

  6. In the lower-right corner of the Web Viewer frame, click Preview to verify that the page you want to insert appears correctly.

What if I get an error?

If you specified a link for a web page that is not secure, you will see this error after you click Preview:

This content cannot be displayed in a frame

For your protection, PowerPoint won't allow you to insert a web page by using http://. It only allow https://, which is a more secure web-browsing protocol. The error message means that you need to try again using https:// as the prefix of the web address.

Many—but not all—web pages allow secure web access. For example, you can view the Bing home page in your browser with the address and you can also view it securely with the address But not all pages accessible via HTTP have secure versions accessible via HTTPS.

If you find a web page that you want to insert in a presentation, check to see whether a secure version of it is accessible in a web browser: Replace HTTP with HTTPS in the address. If you do that and the web page appears correctly in the browser, then the page is securely accessible. You can insert it in your presentation inside the Web Viewer app.

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