Add a legend to data graphics

Sometimes you might want to remove the text labels from data graphics in your diagram, or use data graphics that are designed not to have labels. To show the meanings of the icon sets, colors, and data bars, you can add a data graphics legend to your diagram that will generate this information for you.

  1. On the Data tab, in the Display Data group, click the arrow next to Insert Legend.

  2. Click Horizontal or Vertical, depending on which direction you would like the legend to run.

The legend automatically shows data bars, icons, and color values that are in use on the current page. You can select and delete information that you don’t need. For example, if the data bars already have labels on the page you can select them in the legend and delete them. You can also customize the legend in other ways, such as by changing text or adding new shapes.

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Updating legends

Legends are not updated automatically – if you change something in the diagram, you have to insert a new legend to include the changes. However, if you have customized a legend and you want to keep the customized parts, you can replace the information that has changed.

  1. Move the customized legend to an empty space.

  2. Insert a new legend.

    You now have the old version and the new version available.

  3. Decide which version you want to keep.

  4. Drag parts you want from one version to the other, and then delete the version you don’t want.

  5. Move your updated legend into place on the diagram.

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