Activation Privacy Statement for the 2007 Microsoft Office system

Microsoft Office Activation

Last updated: October 2006

Activation is aimed at reducing software piracy as well as helping to ensure that Microsoft customers are receiving the software quality that they expect. Activation means that a specific Product Key becomes associated with the hardware it is installed on. The Microsoft Software License Terms for 2007 Microsoft Office system state the number of times your Product Key can be used for activation. Once you have used the Product Key for the specified number of times on the same or different computers, that Product Key can no longer be used for activation on other computers. Activation does not require any personal information.

Activation is mandatory. After the grace period expires, you must activate the software to be able to continue using it.

During activation, the product ID and a non-unique hardware identification are sent to Microsoft. The product ID is generated from the Product Key used to install the software and a generic code representing the version and language of Office being activated. The non-unique hardware identification represents the configuration of your PC at the time of activation. The hardware identification does not include any personal information or any information about other software or data that may be on your PC. It cannot be used to determine the specific make or model of your PC. The hardware identification is used solely for the purpose of activation. Your copy of Office can detect and accept changes to your PC configuration. Minor upgrades do not require re-activation. If you uninstall 2007 Microsoft Office system, you may be required to activate your product again.

None of the information collected will be used to personally identify you and none of this information is shared with partners outside Microsoft. The information is used only to confirm that you have a licensed copy of the software.

For more information about Activation, see Activate Microsoft Office programs.

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