Account filters in Management Reporter

You can use an account filter to restrict an FD column to specific accounts or dimension values.

For fully-qualified-account-based systems, the account filter can include one or more accounts that are the exact length of the fully-qualified account of the current entity.

For dimension-based systems, the filter can include a single dimension, a range of dimensions, or a group of dimensions. The filter can also include sets. Because dimension values can vary, a dimension-based system does not need to adhere to an exact length.

The filter is applied regardless of whether the report includes a reporting tree.

For fully-qualified accounts, you can use a wildcard character (?) in any position. When you specify multiple accounts, place a comma between accounts, as in the following example:

????-1200-???, ????-1100-???

For dimensions, you can use any combination of alphanumeric characters for exact matching, and you can define partial dimensions. For example, Location = [10*] includes all location dimension values that begin with 10.

Specify an account filter for a column in a report

  1. Double-click the Account Filter cell for the column in a column definition.

  2. In the Account Filter dialog box, enter the filter.

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