About using backup

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You can selectively back up a wide variety of components by using the backup tree on the Perform a Backup page. For more information about performing a backup, see Back up a farm by using Central Administration.

The components that you can back up are as follows (items that correspond to particular items in the backup tree are in bold type, whereas generic items that describe the type of things that you can back up are in regular type):

  • Farm. The entire farm including WSS_Administration, the collection of Web applications and databases that make up Central Administration. Although you must back up the entire farm to backup Central Administration, you can back up the Central Administration content database separately.

  • Windows SharePoint Services Web Application. All Web applications in the farm.

  • Individual SharePoint Web applications.

  • Individual content databases for SharePoint Web applications.

  • Individual Shared Services Providers (SSPs). All the components that are part of the SSP, such as databases and the search application.

  • SPSearch. The Windows SharePoint Search Service, the search application, and the SPSearch database.

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