About the TimeDataView dimension in Planning Business Modeler

PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler generates a TimeDataView dimension for each model that you create. The TimeDataView dimension contains summary values for specified periods, such as YTD, and a cumulative summary, Todate, for each account in the model. That is, the TimeDataView dimension offers the following two views of an account:

  • Periodic view     Gives the incremental numbers of the period for the account.

  • Cumulative view     Gives the sum of all previous periods for the account.

Dimension members

The following table shows the members of the TimeDataView dimension. These members are automatically created by Planning Business Modeler.



Calculated by


Aggregated value of data for specified period.

Aggregation rule


Cumulative year-to-date view of data.

TimeDataView calculation


Cumulative to-date view of data from start of calendar.

TimeDataView calculation


Difference between current member value and corresponding values from previous year.

TimeDataView calculation


Difference between current member value and corresponding values from previous period.

TimeDataView calculation

By default, Planning Business Modeler stores fact data as periodic.

User modification in the TimeDataView dimension

In the TimeDataView dimension, users cannot modify the predefined dimension members and other member sets.

Note:  You cannot add user-defined members to the TimeDataView dimension.

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