About the Suppliers Home page

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

On the Suppliers Home page, you can perform all the tasks related to suppliers and creditors. Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 maintains your supplier records and tracks their contact information, financial details and history and any custom information you enter. The Suppliers Home page is the starting point for managing your supplier purchases and payments.

The Suppliers Home page has two predefined views: a task flow view (the default) and a list view. To switch between the two views, above the Reports section, click Switch View.

The following sections in this topic describe the elements of the Suppliers Home page.

Start a Task

The Start a Task section contains links to core tasks that help you manage suppliers and purchases. The default task flow view has been designed to follow a typical task flow for processing supplier transactions:

More Tasks

The More Tasks section contains links to additional tasks related to suppliers and purchases:


The Find section contains the following links to lists of records for your suppliers:


The Reports section contains links to all of the reports that are available in Office Accounting 2009. To view or print a report, select a report type, select a report and then click Display or Print. For a complete list of reports that are available in Office Accounting 2009, see About Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 reports.

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