About the Online Sales home page

From the Online Sales home page, you can perform all the tasks related to selling your products online, from signing on to an online marketplace to listing your items and downloading orders. Use the home page to quickly view, create, or find the information you need for managing your online sales.

Using the Online Sales home page

The Online Sales home page includes the following parts:

Home page content

The Online Sales home page content pane is designed to help you quickly start common tasks and find the information you need to sell your products online.

For example, by using the task flow buttons, you can log on to an online marketplace, set your download preferences, list your items, and then download orders. After you have set up to sell online, you can view and modify your settings to reflect current requirements.

To switch between the task flow view and the list view, above Reports, click Switch View.



Start a Task

Click the Start a Task buttons to create and manage the most common online sales tasks.

More Tasks

Click the More Tasks buttons to create or start other common tasks.


Click the Find buttons to locate online sales information and related forms.


Choose from a number of reports, including sales reports.

Select from the lists, and then click Display to view the report, or Print to print the report. On the report toolbar, you can choose to save, modify, print, or export the report to Microsoft Office Excel.

Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane is located on the left side of the home page. It's divided into three parts to help you quickly find what you need in Office Accounting:

  • Start a Task

    The Start a Task list contains the following links to help you manage your online sales.



    Set Up to Sell Online

    Sign up for Marketplace Services, which enables you to sell your products on eBay.

    List Items to Marketplace

    List items for sale using Marketplace Services.

    Download Orders and Fees

    Download online orders and fees.

    Manage Online Sales

    Manage online sales using Marketplace Services.

  • Find

    The Find list contains the following links to lists of records for your online sales.




    Find items in the Item List.

    Online Orders

    Find online orders in the Online Orders List.

    Online Sales Receipts

    Find online sales receipts in the Online Sales Receipts List.

  • Navigation buttons

    Click the Company, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Banking, Online Sales (if enabled), Reports, and Resource Center buttons to quickly navigate to the corresponding home pages within Office Accounting.

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