About the Employees home page

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 only.

From the Employees home page, you can maintain your employee payroll records and track hours worked, matching billable hours to customer invoices. You can also automate your payroll by using Payroll for Microsoft Office Accounting. Use the home page to quickly view, create, or find the information you need for managing your payroll records.

Using the Employees home page

The Employees home page includes the following parts:

Home page content

The Employees home page content pane is designed to help you quickly start common tasks and find the information you need to manage your employee records.



Start a Task

Click the Start a Task buttons to create and manage the most common employee tasks.

More Tasks

Click the More Tasks buttons to create or start other common tasks.


Click the Find buttons to locate employee information and related forms.


Choose from a number of Reports, including Employees and Payroll reports (detailed in a separate section that follows).

Note: More reports are available if you sign up for Payroll for Office Accounting.

Select from the lists, and then click Display to view the report, or Print to print the report. On the report toolbar, you can choose to save, modify, print, or export the report to Microsoft Office Excel.

For example, using the New Time Entry button, you can track employees' hours on a Time Entry form, or using the New Timesheet button, you can track employees' hours on a Timesheet form. If you use Payroll for Office Accounting payroll processing, you can manage your payroll online, and then download the results to a journal entry in your company accounts.

To switch between the task flow view and the list view, above Reports, click Switch View.

For more information about menus and toolbars, see About menus and toolbars.

Employees and Payroll reports

Employees and Payroll reports track the number of work hours reported by your employees.

For more information about the different types of Employees and Payroll reports, see Employees and Payroll reports.

Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane is located on the left side of the home page. It's divided into three parts to help you quickly find what you need in Accounting 2008:

  • Start a Task

    The Start a Task list contains the following links to help you manage your employee records.



    New Employee

    Open a new Employee form and create an employee record.

    New Time Entry

    Open a new Time Entry form and enter an employee time record.

    New Timesheet

    Open a new Timesheet form and enter employee time records.


    Go to the online Payroll for Office Accounting payroll service and manage your payroll.

    Download Pay Runs

    Go to the online Payroll for Office Accounting payroll service and download payroll records.

    Manual Payroll Check

    Open a new Payroll Check form and enter payroll manually.

    Reimburse Employee

    Open a new Employee Reimbursement form and reimburse employee expenses.

    New Pay Stub

    Open a new Pay Stub form and enter pay information.

  • Find

    The Find list contains the following links to lists of records for your employees.




    Find employee records in the Employee List.

    Time Entries

    Find time entries in the Time Entry List.

    Employee Payments

    Find employee payments in the Employee Payment List.

    * Recurring Documents

    Find recurring documents in the Recurring Documents List.

    *Documents to Process

    Find reminders in the Documents to Process List.

  • Navigation buttons

    Click the Company, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Banking, Online Sales (if enabled), Reports, and Resource Center buttons to quickly navigate to the corresponding home pages within Accounting 2008.

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