About the Business Contact Manager menu commands

When Business Contact Manager for Outlook is installed, the menus in Microsoft Office Outlook change to include additional items. The Business Contact Manager menu is added to the toolbar.

On the Business Contact Manager menu, you can:

  • Open the Business Contact Manager Home page, where you can get a complete view of critical information about your business, customized to show exactly what you need.

  • Open your Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, Business Project, Project Task, and Marketing Campaign records. You can also open the Communication History folder, which contains linked communication history items such as appointments or e-mail messages, for all your records.

  • Run reports.

    • Connect to your accounting system.

  • Manage your e-mail auto-linking preferences.

  • Create, share, or manage your Business Contact Manager database.

  • Manage how you work offline with a local copy of a shared database.

  • Customize the forms in Business Contact Manager for Outlook, by adding or editing user-defined fields. You can also import customizations, which include views and forms.

  • View your product and service items list.

On the File menu, you can manage your data files or open a wizard to help you import or export data.

On the Help menu, you can:

  • Open Help for Business Contact Manager for Outlook or Outlook.

  • Display information about how to use Business Contact Manager for Outlook with mobile devices.

Click the down arrow   Button image   next to the New button on the Standard toolbar to:

  • Create new Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, Business Project, Project Task, or Marketing Campaign records.

  • Log a phone call.

  • Create a business note.

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