About start dates and deadlines in Planning Business Modeler

In PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler, cycle start and end dates define a period of time during which cycle items are active and can be acted upon. For example, jobs that are associated with a cycle can be scheduled to run only during the time period that is defined by the cycle start and end dates. Similarly, form assignments that are associated with the cycle can be submitted, reviewed, and approved during the time period.

Within each assignment, you can define dates by which a submission review and approval should be completed. When the assignment is created, you must define a start date and submission deadline for the assignment. If you decide to include a review and/or approval process for the assignment, you can specify a "review requested by" date and an "approval requested by" date.

When you define dates and deadlines, you can specify a date by stipulating the actual calendar day. However, in some cases, you can specify the date/deadline based on a number of days that have passed since the cycle start date.

About the syntax used for process management scheduling

PerformancePoint Planning Server uses a special expression language to specify scheduling parameters for start dates, deadlines, and other scheduling requirements that are used in cycle, assignment, and job definitions. The schedule language expressions are automatically generated by Planning Business Modeler but can be directly edited. Use the following syntax normal form definitions as a guide to manually change the values for scheduling requirements.

Syntax normal form definitions

#date# ::- {CST | AST | CET | ASD | CCT | JST | JET}

#date# ::- #date# {+ | -} <number> {‘day’ | ’workday’ | ’week’ | ’month’ | 'quarter' | 'year' | ’fiscalmonth’ | 'ficalquarter' | 'fiscalyear' | 'hour'} [*#var#]

#date# ::- #date#'@'hh:mm

#var# ::= {depth | height | lheight | treeheight}

#var# ::= '(' #var# {+ | -} <number> ')'

Syntax arguments




Cycle start time


Assignment start time


Cycle end time


Cycle instance creation time


Assignment submission deadline


Job start time


Job end time

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