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Capture your thoughts and ideas in text or audio format by using notebook layout view. Notebook layout view is the equivalent of an electronic notebook. In this view, you create and organize structured notes and outlines as you might with a conventional paper notebook or ring binder, but with greater flexibility and capabilities. For example, you can use notebook layout view to do the following things:

  • Take notes in a meeting or lecture

  • Create an outline for a project

  • Write thoughts quickly

  • Collect research material

  • Record and play back audio notes

Caution: If you convert an existing document to notebook layout view, some formatting might change, including style definitions and the placement of graphics.

Just as in other Word views, you can insert tables, check the spelling and grammar, and find and replace text and formatting.Just as in other Word views, you can insert tables, check the spelling, and find and replace text and formatting. In addition, notebook layout view adds several features that make taking and organizing notes easier. You can do the following:

  • Organize information in categories by adding section tabs in your notebook documents.

  • Use note flags to call attention to an item or to designate its importance. You can flag an item with a check box or with shapes, text color, or highlighting.

  • Use your computer's built-in microphone to record audio while you take notes. In notebook layout view, Word keeps track of what you type while you record so that you have audio context for your notes. To play back the part of the recording that's associated with the note, click the audio icon Audio Note for a note.

  • Scribble annotations and erase them.

  • Customize the appearance of your notebook by selecting different pasteboard backgrounds and colors for section tabs.

  • Assign an Outlook task. This is a quick way to turn your notes into action items, set reminders to track progress, and ensure that tasks are completed.

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