About data submissions and the approval process

Process scheduling provides a standard, formal procedure to submit, review, and approve data. Each procedure includes a defined set of process states, actions, and roles. PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel users take actions (such as submit or review) that change the state of an assignment. States define the status of data at any given point in the process and what actions are available. Actions define what users can do to an assignment, such as approve or submit. Roles specify how different types of users in PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel interact with the process.


An assignment can be in one of many possible states at any given time. The state of an assignment changes during the review and approval process. Those changes typically occur as users perform actions in PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel. However, you can override the state of an assignment in PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler. To do so, open the Forms Assignment workspace, and then click Available Actions in the Assignment Tasks pane.

The following table clarifies the possible states for an assignment.




Available actions

Not Started

The assignment is not available for data entry.

The assignment start date has not transpired or a dependency has not been satisfied.


Work in Progress

The assignment is available to the contributor.

The assignment start date has passed and all dependencies have been satisfied.


Ready for Review

The contributor has submitted the assignment

The contributor changed the assignment status to Ready for Review.

Approve, Reject, or Review


All reviewers have reviewed the assignment.

The assignment has been approved by all assigned reviewers.

Approve or Reject


The approver has rejected the assignment and the contributor must resubmit it after you make modifications.

A single approver changed the status to Rejected.



All approvers have approved the assignment.

The assignment has been approved by all assigned approvers.



Users have many different actions available to them during the process scheduling review and approval process. For more information about those actions, see About available actions for an assignment.


The following table lists the four functional roles that modelers can assign to users who take part in process scheduling. A user can have multiple roles at the same time.



Possible actions


Optional. Approve or reject the submitted data.

Approve, Reject


Responsible for submitting data.



Responsible for finishing the review process.

Approve, Cancel, Reject, Restart, Review, Submit


Optional. Review the submission and add comments to aid the approval process.


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