About cycle recurrence in Planning Business Modeler

Many of the processes that you might schedule are recurring processes. To support these processes and prevent the tedium of repeated manual scheduling, PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler provides the ability to make cycles recur. For example, active budgeting, rolling forecasting, and periodic consolidation are all processes that typically recur. You can schedule these recurring processes in Planning Business Modeler.

A user who is assigned to the Modeler role defines the specific details of cycle recurrence based on intervals such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The Create a Cycle wizard includes the option to define a recurrence for a cycle.

To define a recurrence, you must specify the following properties:


The interval indicates the frequency at which a cycle will recur. Interval is a value such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The Create a Cycle wizard displays options for interval that are based on Gregorian time.

You can also schedule a cycle by using the application calendar. For more information about the application calendar, see the topic About the application calendar.

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The recurrence description defines the pattern for a recurring cycle. This pattern definition specifies the following:

  • The number of intervals between recurrences. For example, a cycle can recur every month, every three weeks, every two quarters, and so on.

  • The day of the interval on which each recurrence starts. For example, the interval could be quarterly, and the start date could be the fifth day in each quarter.

  • The number of days each repetition will last.

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The duration specifies the number times you want the cycle to recur. For example, if you have a report that you want to be completed quarterly over the next full year, you would set the duration to 4.

A cycle can be set to recur indefinitely (no expiration) by selecting the No end date radio button in the Create a Cycle wizard.

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