About copying notes or recordings from a Pocket PC or a Smartphone

You can import notes (.pwi files) from a Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC, or voice recordings from a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile-based Smartphone, to Microsoft TE000130397 on your computer. By copying notes or recordings from your mobile device to OneNote, you can keep all of your notes and recordings in one place. This makes it easy to organize, browse, or search all of your notes and recordings at once, or to create a comprehensive archive of your notes and recordings.

Note: Some of the features or functionality described in this topic are available only in Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 or later versions.

Notes and recordings that you import from your mobile device to OneNote are added to a section called Copied from Device. OneNote creates this section the first time you import notes from your mobile device.

For notes that you import from a Pocket PC, each note file is imported into OneNote as a separate page, and all of the notes contained in the .pwi file are added as a single note container. Handwritten notes are added as images to the corresponding pages in OneNote. You can also use handwriting recognition on handwritten notes that you have imported. Handwriting recognition is supported only for Tablet PCs.

For voice recordings that you import from a Pocket PC or Smartphone, a page is created for each recording that is imported, and a link to each recording file is added to its corresponding page. You can click the sound icon to open the voice recording.

You can set up OneNote to copy notes or recordings from your mobile device automatically, each time you connect it to your computer when OneNote is running, or you can choose to initiate the process manually.

If you have added notes or voice recordings to your mobile device since the last time you imported them to OneNote, only the recently added or modified notes or voice recordings are imported. Also, when you import notes or voice recordings into OneNote, the original files on the mobile device are not deleted.


  • You can't export notes from OneNote to your mobile device. You can only copy notes from a mobile device to OneNote.

  • To import voice recordings from a Smartphone, your Smartphone must be connected directly to your computer. For example, your voice recordings will not be copied to OneNote by performing a synchronization with a server.


You can use OneNote to import Pocket PC notes from Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 2003, 2002, or 2000 software. You can also use OneNote to import voice recordings from Smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003 software.

In order to copy notes or recordings from your mobile device to OneNote, you must install and configure Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1 or later on your computer. ActiveSync is the synchronization software for Windows Mobile–based Pocket PCs and Smartphones. You can download the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync from the Microsoft Download Center.

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