About connecting to Planning Server

When you connect to the computer that is running PerformancePoint Planning Server for the first time, you must specify its correct location. When you connect to the server in the future, you can use a drop-down list to quickly select the server location that you entered previously. You can also connect automatically to a particular server, application, and model site by using the settings that you entered. In this way, you can bypass the Connection dialog box. For more information, see the topic Connect to Planning Server.

After you specify the server location and connect to the server, a list of available PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler applications is displayed. Based on the application that you select, you can select from a list of model sites to which you have access. After selecting a model site, click OK to begin to work in Planning Business Modeler.

While Planning Business Modeler opens the model site that you selected, you can view the progress on the status bar.

Note:  After you connect to the computer that is running Planning Server, you can update the model site on your Planning Business Modeler client and save any changes that you made. To do this, click Refresh on the View menu, or press the F5 key.

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