About Calculation Rule jobs

When you run a Calculation Rule job, PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler runs a specified business rule or rule set, based on a job template. The rule set must be a procedural rule set, which can contain one or more of the following types of rules:

  • Allocation

  • Assignment

  • Model variable

To run a business rule in a Calculation Rule job, A person who is assigned to a Modeler or Data Administrator role must first include the rule set in a Calculation Rule job template. Then, the administrator can run the job, or can assign the job to a specific user. For information about how to create a job template, see Create a job template.

Note: You must also have Read permissions for the PerformancePoint Planning Server application database. Otherwise, Planning Business Modeler will not display the results of the job. If you do not currently have Read permission for the database, talk to the data administrator.

Properties for a Calculation Rule job

When you create the Calculation Rule job template, you must set values for the following job-specific properties.

Job property


Target model

The name of the model that contains the specified rule set.

Rule set

The name of the business rule or rule set that the job will run.

For information about how to run this job, see Define or schedule a job task.

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