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A Business Contact is a person with whom you do business at a company or organization. You can use Business Contact records to organize and store extensive information about your Business Contact, providing you with quick access to important details to help you maintain the relationship. You can create a Business Contact record by completing a Business Contact form, copying a contact from an Outlook folder, or by creating a new Business Contact from within an Account record.

When Business Contact Manager for Outlook is connected to your accounting system, you can add your accounting system's customers as accounts, which adds some general information, such as address and phone number, to the Account record. This also creates a link between the customer record and the Account record, and means you can view financial information about the Account. You can also choose to include the contacts that are associated with these customers. The customer records will be imported into Business Contact Manager for Outlook as Accounts, and the contacts associated with these customers will be imported as Business Contacts.

Open a Business Contact record

You can open a Business Contact record to add or edit information about the Business Contact, or to see communication history items that are linked to the Account record.

  1. On the Business Contact Manager menu, click Business Contacts.

  2. In the Business Contacts list, double-click the Business Contact record that you want to open.

  3. Make the changes.

  4. On the Ribbon, click Save & Close.

Tip: For information about how to create a distribution list from your Business Contacts or Accounts, see Create and edit a contact croup or distribution list. In the Select Members dialog box, under Address Book, click Business Contacts or Accounts.

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