Find data by adding a popup form

Finding your data doesn’t have to be complicated. Popup views (formerly called popup forms) in Access apps get you to the information you need in one click.

For example, if you’re viewing employee tasks and want to know more about a particular employee, you can designate a popup view for the Assigned To control. Access turns the employee name into a link:

An autocomplete control that is linked to a popup form.

Click the name to see and edit employee details:

A partial view of an employee detail view.

You can attach popup views to any controls that display data from related tables or queries. This includes combo boxes, AutoComplete controls, and Related Items controls.

Note    For the popup form option to be available, the control needs to be bound to a row source (table or query), not just getting its values from a value list you entered manually.

To add a popup view:

  1. Open the app in Access. If you’re viewing it in a browser, click Settings > Customize in Access.

  2. Click the table for the view you want to change, and click the view name.

    Selecting a view in Access.

  3. Click Edit, and click the control you want to add the popup view to.

  4. Click the Data button that appears next to the control.

    The Data button next to an AutoComplete control.

  5. If the control is bound to a row source (a table or query), you’ll see a Popup view drop-down near the bottom of the Data properties. The dropdown shows views that have the same row source as the control. Select the view you want to appear when you click the popup button.

    Selecting a popup view for an AutoComplete control.

Tip    If a suitable view isn’t available, close the Data settings box and create a new view. Select the table that contains the information you want to see, then click the plus-sign button to the right of the View Selector.

  1. Save the view, then click Home > Launch App to see how it works.

Learn more about finding data in Access apps.

Applies To: Access 2013

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