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The easiest way to add users to Office 365 is to add them while you are configuring the service for the first time using the Office 365 setup wizard.

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Options for adding users to Office 365

Creating Office 365 accounts in small organizations   

Level of difficulty   

Add users individually. Use this method when you have only a few users to add to Office 365.


Add several users at the same time. Use this method to create a group of user accounts from a list of people in a spreadsheet.


Create or edit users (Small Business). Use these steps to add users one at a time or in bulk. Only use these steps if you have the Office 365 Small Business Plan.

Easy and Medium

Creating Office 365 accounts in large organizations   

Level of difficulty   

Add users to Office 365 with Windows PowerShell. Use this method to programmatically automate the process of creating Office 365 accounts and assigning licenses. Choose this method if you're already familiar with using Windows PowerShell cmdlets.


Active Directory synchronization. Use the Azure Active Directory Sync tool to replicate Active Directory user accounts (and other Active Directory objects) in Office 365.


Exchange cutover migration. Use this method to migrate all mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange 2007 or later to Office 365. During the process, all user accounts and mailboxes are created automatically.


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