Yammer for Windows and Mac

The desktop app is a native client for Mac and Windows with the full functionality of Yammer. Along with streamlined log in and SSO support, the app integrates with native operating system capabilities such as notifications, shortcuts, and launch on startup.

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System and User Account Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later

  • Mac OS 10.9 or later

  • Yammer account using O365 identity

Get the app

Windows (7+)

Mac (10.9+)

Download (32-bit)


Download (64-bit)

To complete the installation:

  • Mac: drag the Yammer app to your applications folder 

  • Windows: run the downloaded installer

Sign in to Yammer

You need an Office 365 account to sign in.

Note: If your organization supports SSO, you’ll be signed in automatically after launching the app.

Screenshot of Yammer sign-in

Yammer App Updates

Whenever a new version of the Yammer app becomes available, you will be notified to update along with the option to apply the update at a later time. Updates are automatically applied if you restart the app, and you can also check whether you have the latest version via the app menu. 

Yammer App Updates_C3_201788154630

Distribution via Systems Management Software (MSI Installer for Windows) 

If you are looking to distribute the app via managed distribution software like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), please download the MSI package below. 

Download Yammer for Windows (32-bit, MSI) 

Download Yammer for Windows (64-bit, MSI) 

In-product Invites (shown in Web client) 

When Desktop becomes available, you will be also be notified via in-product messaging to download and install the app directly. To complete installation, you’ll need to have permissions on your system to install new apps. 

In-product messaging for Mac

In-product messaging for Windows

IT administrators: if your users get new software via managed distribution methods (such as SCCM), you may contact support for assistance with disabling the in-product prompt to download and install the app. 

Yammer for Windows vs. Yammer Notifier

Yammer for Windows is a standalone desktop app with all the functionality available through the Yammer web client. It’s the recommended app if you prefer a focused Yammer experience with the convenience of Windows operating system integrations like native notifications (Windows 8+), taskbar shortcuts, and improved login for networks SSO enabled networks.

If you prefer to use the web browser as your primary Yammer client but would like to get notifications for Yammer activity beyond your Inbox messages, the Yammer Notifier is still available for Windows 7 and above.

You can find more information here:

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