Use the Spike to move text and graphics from nonadjacent locations

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With the Spike, two or more selections can be cut from nonadjacent locations within an email message that you are composing. Then all of the selections added to the Spike can be pasted together.

For example, you can add a sentence from one paragraph of your message to the Spike. Next, select a web link that appears elsewhere in the message and add it to the Spike. Finally, select a mailing address that appears in a third place in the message and add it to the Spike. When the Spike is pasted to a location in your message, all three selections that were added to the Spike are inserted.

Each selection that is cut from a message is appended to the Spike until you paste the cut contents in a new location in your message. The items remain in the Spike, so you can insert them repeatedly.

  1. Select the text or graphic that you want to move, and then press Ctrl+F3.

    Note:  Moving an item to the Spike is similar to using Ctrl+X or cut. The selection is removed from its current location.

  2. Repeat this step for each additional item that you want to move to the Spike.

  3. Click in the message where you want to insert the Spike's contents, and then press Ctrl+Shift+F3.

The Spike is cleared the next time you add a selection to the Spike after pasting from the spike (Ctrl+Shift+F3).

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