Explore Word

Explore Word 2016

Explore Word 2016

Explore the document gallery

The Word 2016 document gallery

The document gallery is where you can create a blank document or use a pre-designed template. The gallery is available when you open Word, or you can get to it by choosing File > New if you're working on an existing document.

Explore the ribbon

Some ribbon options covered in this tutorial

The ribbon options above are used in this Getting Started training course.

Learn about the Tell Me box

The "Tell me what you want to do box" in Word

Tell Me is a new search tool available in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2016. It serves up the commands you need when you type what you want to do. For example, type “font settings” in the Tell me what you want to do box. Then, either choose one of the suggestions that comes up, or choose Get Help on "font settings" to open the Help viewer.

Take a tour of Word 2016

The "Take a tour" template in Word

When Word opens, click Take a tour or type "Welcome to Word" in the Search for online templates box. The Welcome to Word template opens.

This document lets you explore four areas:

  • Use Smart Lookup to do a quick look-up without leaving Word

  • Use Tell Me as a shortcut to ribbon commands

  • Reformat a whole document using themes

  • See how real-time collaboration works in Word

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Video: What is Word?

What's new in Word 2016

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