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What you should know about Office 365: Deployment

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Before you watch this course I do recommend that you get familiar with some key concepts and core concepts that will help you as you build on your Office 365 knowledge. Specifically, I suggest that you get familiar with networking concepts. Networking concepts such as name resolution, authentication, these types of concepts will help you along the way as you get to know how you connect to Office 365 and how emails get received and delivered by Office 365. As well, office applications and security principles will be key and core concepts that will help you in Office 365.

For example, understanding how office applications work and coexist together. How you authenticate to your office applications whether they're online or on-premises and how you authenticate to services that are on-premises. These security principles, along with your office applications and how those two coexist within an on-premise network will help you in building on to your knowledge for Office 365 in the cloud.

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For businesses with 150+ licenses Request Office 365 onboarding assistance from FastTrack

You can request remote and personalized assistance with onboarding. Our FastTrack engineers will help you plan your Office 365 project, assess your technical environment, provide remediation guidance, and provide user adoption assistance. For businesses with at least 500 licenses, Microsoft also provides personalized assistance to migrate data to Office 365.

Tip: Businesses with 1-149 licenses still have access to FastTrack guidance via links in the Admin Center and also available at https://aka.ms/setupguidance.

Office 365 has become the flagship solution for Microsoft's cloud-based services—a one-stop shop for user management, email, real-time collaboration, and secure file storage. This simple-to-deploy, simple-to-manage approach has won over millions of users. As more organizations move toward the cloud, being able to deploy Office 365 is a skill all network and system admins will need to know.

This course details the process of moving your network to Office 365 by deploying a new Office 365 subscription. David Elfassy covers creating user accounts, adding domains, and configuring email, directories, conferencing, file sharing, and valuable business services such as PowerShell and SharePoint. Watch these tutorials to deploy your own implementation of Office 365 or to see if this technology fits your enterprise needs.

Topics include:

  • Using FastTrack to prepare for Office 365

  • Creating Office 365 user accounts

  • Adding domains

  • Configuring Outlook and Skype

  • Configuring sharing and shared mailboxes

  • Troubleshooting an Office 365 deployment

  • Configuring PowerShell

  • Creating SharePoint services

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