Sparkline axes

Depending on the data that sparklines are based on, changing the axes can refine their scale and accuracy and make comparisons easier.

Horizontal axis



General axis

The default horizontal axis. Each data point is plotted in relation to other data points that make up the sparkline.

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Date axis

Each data point is plotted in relation to a date. For example, to compare inventory month to month, you would select a range of months as a date axis.

Show axis

Displays a horizontal axis with the sparkline to better visualize numbers greater than and less than zero. This is especially helpful with line style sparklines.

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Plot data right to left

Reverses the horizontal axis.

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Vertical axis

You can set minimum and maximum values for a single sparkline or all sparklines in a group.



Automatic for each sparkline

Minimum and maximum values are different for each sparkline, and are based on the data that makes up that sparkline. For example, if the data range for a sparkline group is A1:C4, then A1:A4, B1:B4, and C1:C4 each has minimum and maximum values that are based on the highest and lowest numbers in those three ranges.

Same for all sparklines

Minimum and maximum values are the same for all the sparklines in a group and are based on the lowest and hightest values in the range that makes up that sparkline group. For example, if the data range for the sparkline group is A1:C4, the minimum and maximum values are determined by the lowest and highest numbers in A1:C4.


Sets a specific number as the minimum or maximum for the sparkline group.

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