Limitations of saving a workbook as a Web page

When you save workbook data as a Web page, some features might work differently and some formatting might look different, depending on what kind of Excel data you are saving and how you have formatted that data.


The result on a Web page

1904 date system

The displayed dates remain the same, but the serial numbers for the dates are not retained.

Array formulas

Formulas are converted to values.

Auditing tracer arrows

Feature is not retained.


Charts that are saved as Web pages are converted to graphics, and chart data is not retained. If you want the charts to appear correctly on your Web page, you must save them separately from other data in your workbook.

Conditional formatting

Current cell formatting is retained. However, the formatting is no longer conditional.

Data validation restrictions and messages

Feature is not retained.

Distributed alignment

Feature is not retained.

External data ranges

Data ranges are converted to values. The ability to refresh from the source data is not retained.

Header and footer

Feature is not retained.

Indented text

Feature is not retained.

Labels in formulas

Labels are converted to values.

Named cells or named ranges

Feature is not retained.

Named constants

Named constants are converted to values.


Feature is not retained. Outlined data is saved as displayed.

Password protection

Data in sheets and workbooks that are protected with passwords can be saved or published as a Web page. However, passwords are not retained in HTML.

Pattern fills

Feature is not retained.

PivotTable reports

PivotTable report values and cell formatting are converted and displayed on Web pages. PivotTable report functionality is not retained.

Precision as displayed

The precision of the displayed value is saved as displayed on the sheet. However, the precision settings are not retained in HTML.

Printing and page setup features

Feature is not retained.

R1C1 reference style

R1C1 references are converted to values.

References to data on other sheets

References are converted to values.

Rotated or vertical text

Text is converted to horizontal text.

Shared workbook information

Feature is not retained.


Subtotals are converted to values. However, the formulas are not retained.

Web queries

Queries are converted to values.

Wrapped text in cells

Text is displayed correctly. However, the settings are not retained in HTML.

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