Use Excel tables to calculate totals

You can quickly calculate totals on table columns and perform other functions when you use table formatting on your data. To add totals to a column that is part of a table, add a row for the totals, and then in each cell on the totals row, use the functions that are provided in a pop-up menu.

Rækken Total

  1. Click anywhere in the table.

  2. On the Tables tab, under Table Options, select Total Row.

    Fanen Tabeller, gruppen Tabelindstillinger

  3. In the total row, click the cell in which you want to calculate a total, and then click the double arrow   Totalrækkepil  that displays the pop-up menu.

  4. In the pop-up menu, select the function that you want to use to calculate the total.

    Tip: Formulas that you can use in the totals row are not limited to the functions in the list. On the pop-up menu, click More Functions to display the Formula Builder. You can enter any formula that you want in any cell on the totals row.

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