Track and review document changes


Word-ikon Download this .pdf tutorial and learn to use Track changes to collaborate with others on a document.

Inside this course:

Writing a document is often a collaborative effort. If your research paper or project proposal has several authors and reviewers, you can use the Track Changes feature in Word to keep track of and comment on each other's changes.

Before you begin
1. Turn Track Changes on and off
2. Explore the different types of tracked changes
3. Accept and reject a reviewer's changes
4. Add your own changes
5. Work with comments
6. Hide tracked changes in a printout
7. Make sure that all future changes are tracked
Quick Reference Card

Practice file

Tutorial lessons are designed to be viewed in order. Download and use this practice file for hands-on experience while taking the tutorial.

Word-dokument TrackChanges.docx (50 KB)

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